We are Swedish Space Technologies - SST

Our vision is to introduce more space in our lives by designing different products that are integrated with space technologies. We believe that the biggest actors in the space sector have many tools that can be designed into interesting products, and that’s what SST is doing.

SST is designing a second generation, thin solar module with space patents that are enhancing their functionality. We are aiming for offering affordable and appealing solar panels with excellent quality.

With a team of enthusiastic engineers with many years of experience, SST is going to offer solar panels in a variety of setups and efficiencies to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Besides investing time in solar panel design we are also offering different services for customers, such as CAD designs and Educational material. See below for more information.

Follow our journey and let’s increase the use of clean energy together!


We are a team of ambitious people. We have many ideas and we strive to fulfil them.
The team is also interested in other areas, such as education, and are offering packages in CAD design that teachers can use. We can also give both online courses in CAD design and classroom sessions. Contact us if you want to know more.

New and modern technologies

We are always interested in thinking outside the box and come up with new solutions to technologies that are on the market today. Our ongoing project with solar panels is one example and we hope to see them on your roof in the future.

Individual approach

When it comes to education, we believe that an individual approach is a very important point. Therefore, the material that we are offering will have different ways to explain the theory so that it fits the individual; both those that are very well-motivated or those that needs an extra push.


CAD designs and packages

We have many years of experience in CAD and are offering custom made CAD designs for your business and/or project.

Since we’re interested in education we are also offering teacher CAD diverse packages for their pupils with different levels of difficulties. Contact us for more information!

Educational material

We are offering educational material with detailed descriptions regarding CAD designing in different engineering fields as well as guidelines for the teacher. The team can also give lessons in CAD designing (recorded and/or live), as well as classroom sessions (in Sweden). Does that sound interesting? Ask us for more information.


We are always interested in partners and sponsors.

If you are thinking about collaborating with us or sponsor us, please contact the team. The contact information can be found below.

Current Vacancies

Swedish Space Technologies is searching for a person with knowledge in the Swedish PV market and industry as well as the global market.
We are searching for you who has been involved in the PV industry in some way. Have you sold solar panels, did you once own a solar company, have you worked for a solar panel manufacturing and/or selling company? If so, then you’re the right person!
The job will include to keep the company updated with the latest in the PV area, such as new technologies and noticeable trends in Sweden when it comes to solar energy. Your input will be used as a guideline for us during the design process.

If this sounds interesting, contact us my mailing info@swespacetech.com. Mark the e-mail with Current Vacancies.


Åkerssjövägen 10, 461 53 Trollhättan, Sweden

0046 735 245 160



If you want to know more about our products or are just curious about  the team and what we are doing, get in touch with us directly here!

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